Our Approach

Research & Advisory

The Research & Advisory team conducts proprietary research for iJenga and conducts feasibility analysis for investment decisions. iJenga leverages its proprietary highest and best use models, market research and development models to make sound investment decisions.

iJenga has a commitment to research and rigorous analysis. Our research group combines real-time market data with top-down macroeconomic trends and pricing projection models to inform investment decisions.

Finance & Investment

iJenga sources debt and equity financing from a broad range of East African and global financial institutions, high net worth individuals, private equity investors and development finance institutions. iJenga’s team has extensive experience in finance and a demonstrated track record of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.

iJenga is entering the principle investment business, where we will focus on acquiring high quality assets and driving their performance through rigorous asset management. We will source investments through a robust network of local professionals and utilizes its operating expertise to manage investments and add value at the property level.

Cost Management

At iJenga, cost management is a balance of technical expertise, commercial understanding and collaborative working. We are involved in cost planning, working with our Development team to analyze a building’s requirements, value engineering and developing a detailed bill of quantities and project budget. We work to control costs during developments and provide project teams, management and investors regular reports to ensure compliance with our budget and investment objectives.


Integrated Design

We have analyzed and refined our pre-construction process to make certain that our concept design and management maximize value and reduce risk. This is done through carefully selecting the design team, ensuring that the design phase is well coordinated, making use of new technologies and active management.

Our pre-construction process is geared towards achieving results. Each project involves undertaking thorough applied research so as to create value that maximizes the design’s full potential for higher performance. We aim to deliver design concepts that are purposeful, informative and innovative.

Our pre-construction process includes:

  • Preparing concept designs and relevant project strategies. These include outline proposals for structural design, building services systems, outline specifications and preliminary cost information.
  • Reviewing and updating the project execution plan.
  • Analyzing the construction strategy. This includes the consideration of onsite fabrication.
  • Developing sustainability, health and safety, operational and maintenance strategies.
  • Reviewing the handover process.

Construction & Project Management

iJenga is involved in the entire process of construction of real estate projects  with the aim of maximizing its clients’ return on investment through controlling costs, ensuring scheduled delivery of results and maintaining high quality. Inspired by our clients’ visions, we seek to deliver high quality projects from high end serviced apartments to middle income residential properties and high quality industrial parks. Our aim is not to deliver buildings, but rather to inspire lifestyles through transforming the spaces where people live, work and play.

Our project management process involves planning, coordinating and controlling the different tasks involved in construction. We specify the scope, budget and schedule as well as select subcontractors and develop communication strategies for resolving conflict. We manage the project so it finishes on time, on budget and in line with the building codes. This process relies on our strong communication and problem solving skills, our properly articulated systems structures and our knowledge of the building process.

Sales & Management


We manage property from an owner’s perspective. Our strategy is to partner with quality operators and service providers to ensure a good working relationship, high tenant satisfaction and preserving buildings value. Our properties are characterized with better caliber tenants, higher rents, higher retention rates and greater tenant satisfaction.

Healthcare Operator Partners

iJenga partners with growing healthcare operators that are leaders in their market segments, manage healthcare facilities in line with international best practices and that have the capability to deliver high quality services. We strive to provide top-notch facilities that ensure our investors provide the best care to their patients.

Hospitality Operator Partners

iJenga partners with high quality hotel and service apartment operators that provide professional service, comfortable accommodations, good amenities and enjoyable dining experience. This involves maintaining a high standards, regular training, quality management, and regular facility maintenance.



iJenga relies on analytics and research to achieve the highest price for its assets. The firm employs a tightly-managed team approach to ensure broad market coverage, high accountability and depth of talent and experience.  The firm also relies on its local and global networks to identify potential markets for its assets.