About Us

About iJenga

Who We Are

iJenga is an integrated real estate investment, development and management company based in Nairobi, Kenya.


We believe successful real estate balances revolutionary design, new urban principles, sustainable practices and economic viability.


We use innovative technologies and streamlined management practices, combined with local market knowledge, to develop unprecedented real estate.


iJenga is led by a team with extensive experience across real estate finance, architecture, construction, project management, brokerage and asset management in East Africa.

About iJenga

Our Vision & Approach

Our Vision is to develop timeless real estate that enhances the quality of life and interactions within communities

The approach to achieve this vision is to:

Design asset class based strategies that respond to market dynamics and produce above market financial returns

Mobilize capital to activate investment and development strategies

Enable a team of architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors and brokers to utilize innovative technologies and robust development processes to deliver premium real estate

Invest in common spaces that evolve neighborhoods and build community


We are continuously partnering with other players across the real estate value chain to develop new approaches aimed at increasing the efficiency and value of our developments. We believe sustainability builds value and aim to provide these through building approaches that have reduced environmental impact.


We are committed to providing opportunities that encourage social growth through community involvement. One of our ongoing initiatives is the facilitation of training and the nurturing of technical skills in construction development.


Our development projects are also aimed at having a positive social impact. An example from our real estate portfolio is Processional Plaza situated between Uhuru Park and Arboretum. This project seeks to promote a holistic lifestyle by enabling visitors to take advantage of Nairobi’s green spaces, being pedestrian friendly thus encouraging a healthier lifestyle, providing an opportunity for cultural growth through the facilitation of public social and cultural events and promoting the image of Nairobi as a modern, professional, cosmopolitan city through its forward-thinking design.

Smart Cities

Smart cities have become increasingly important with the development of technology and as people’s lifestyles become more fast-paced.   These cities are characterized with high connectivity and integrated municipal services. They have high levels of efficiency and strive to offer their inhabitants the highest quality of life using as little resources as possible. These cities are based on smart and intelligent solutions with a high reliance on information and communication technology. They are all about convenience and aim to identify and meet their community’s needs.


Smart buildings are a key factor in smart city formation. The creation of smart buildings is a principal value of the firm with the aim of providing convenience to its target market and investors. iJenga seeks to develop smart buildings through a well-defined smart city policy and strategy that clearly defines the roles of key players in the value chain, understands its clients’ needs and employs high levels of technology in various aspects of construction and finishing to meet these needs. This includes providing electronic security systems, power saving lighting systems and better sanitation. Our goal is to provide sustainable efficiency at the convenience of the customer.

Our Values

We are guided by our values and ethos:

Quality: We develop the highest quality real estate possible

Value: Our developments enhance value over time

Innovative: We design buildings that are innovative and efficient

Disciplined: Our developments are delivered on time and budget